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As Donald Trump and Joe Biden square off in the 2020 election, an undeniably important part of the contest is the race for campaign funds.

With presidential elections, campaign money is probably less predictive of election results as it is with lower profile races—such as local or congressional races. A widely cited example is of course the fact that Donald Trump beat Hilary Clinton, when she out raised in him significantly in 2016. Richer campaigns can lose presidential elections—but it’s, of course, a lot easier to win if you can buy more ads, open more campaign offices and employ a larger staff.

Campaign fundraising can be helpful in predicting who will win an election, but it can also to help you predict what a candidate will do if they win the election. Donors can be expected to give to political campaigns for one or both of two possible reasons: to support a political candidate that can be expected to promote the donor’s interests and ideals; or to increase a politician’s alignment with the interests and ideas of the donor. Tracking campaign revenue sources can, therefore, be predictive of a political candidates’ priorities.

In this video, I will breakdown where Donald Trump and Joe Biden are getting their campaign money, and update you about their fundraising totals so far, as we explore this vital question about the 2020 presidential election:

Who’s winning the money race?
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