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In Delhi, former Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje met BJP National President JP Nadda for one and a half hours. Given the rapidly changing political equation in the state, the meeting of Nadda-Raje is considered important. After the revolt of Sachin Pilot in Congress, CM Ashok Gehlot has said many times that there is a separate faction under the leadership of Vasundhara Raje. Gehlot has also praised Raje on several occasions. Raje has given a statement only once in the last one month after the rebellion of the pilot. Amidst these discussions, Raje has met Nadda. If sources are to be believed, Raje has narrated his agony to Nadda. Raje was told that how is the state of BJP organization in the state. Raje also complained that the state leaders did not take their opinion in many important decisions. The political role that the state leaders of BJP should have played after Pilot’s rebellion was not played. Raje also said that the contact with several independent MLAs could not be done. This is the reason that even after one month of the revolt of the pilot, about a hundred MLAs remain with Ashok Gehlot. During the meeting, Raje said that she is a loyal worker of BJP. Therefore, they will not do any work that benefits the Congress. But Raje emphasized his honor in the organization. According to sources, Nadda has assured Raje that there will be no loss in his honor. But Nadda also said that Raje is now a national level leader, even today he has been kept as the national vice president of the party in the BJP. Nadda discussed with Raje on the latest political developments in the state. The role of the pilot in toppling the government was also discussed. During this time, the two leaders also held talks about the corona infection in the state. Raje admitted that the Gehlot government had failed to provide relief to the people in the Corona era. Raje was isolated since the BJP’s defeat in the assembly elections in December 2018. To keep Raje away from the politics of the state, he was also made the national vice president of the BJP. But as vice president, Raje did not show activism. At present, the state organization is running without Raje’s advice. However, State President Satish Poonia never gave adverse statement about Raje. Poonia always called Raje a senior BJP leader. But the way CM Gehlot praised Raje in the past, many questions were raised.
The government is still left as hostage, Vasundhara Raje met the BJP national president in Delhi. At the same time, Union Minister and MP from Jaisalmer Kailash Chaudhary has given a big statement. Chaudhary visited Jaisalmer today. Speaking to the media near the hotel where the MLA is headed by Ashok Gehlot, Jaisalmer’s Suryagarh Hotel, Union Minister Chaudhary said that as long as the MLAs are hostage in the hotels, the Gehlot government remains. If the MLAs are freed, the Gehlot government will collapse. Many MLAs held hostage in hotels want to go to Sachin Pilot. Chaudhary said that BJP has no role in the rebellion of Congress MLAs. There is opposition in the Congress only regarding Gehlot’s leadership. He said that if the MLAs are held hostage in the next three and a half years, then the Gehlot government will complete its term. He said that in a democracy, public representatives cannot be held hostage at this time. It is being said that police jammer vehicles have been deployed in and out of Hotel Suryagarh from today itself.
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