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Official Version: The Politics & The Life
By: Daniel Pemberton & Gareth Williams

From the film: King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword

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1. From Nothing Comes A King
2. King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword
3. Growing Up Londinium
4. Jackseye’s Tale
5. The Story Of Mordred
6. Vortigen And The Syrens
7. The Legend Of Excalibur
8. Seasoned Oak
9. The Vikings & The Barons
10. The Politics & The Life – Performed by Daniel Pemberton and Gareth Williams
11. Tower & Power
12. The Born King
13. Assassins Breathe
14. Run Londinium
15. Fireball
16. Journey To The Caves
17. The Wolf & The Hanged Men
18. Camelot In Flames
19. The Lady In The Lake
20. The Darklands
21. Revelation
22. King Arthur: Destiny Of The Sword
23. The Power Of Excalibur
24. Knights Of The Round Table
25. King Arthur: The Coronation
26. The Devil & The Huntsman – Performed by Sam Lee and Daniel Pemberton
27. The Ballad Of Londinium (Bonus Track)
28. Riot & Flames (Bonus Track)
29. Anger (Bonus Track)
30. Cave Fight (Bonus Track)
31. Confrontation With The Common Man (Bonus Track)
32. The Devil & The Daughter (Bonus Track)

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