US identity politics ‘portraying racists on one side and good guys on the other’

Whether it be a howler from Hillary Clinton, or more fake news and a wild claim made by Barack Obama about Donald Trump; Sky News host Chris Kenny analyses the highlights and hypocrisy from day three of the Democratic National Convention.

Mr Kenny said the third evening of the National Democratic Convention “looked like the longest infomercial in television history”.

The Democratic Convention – held online this year due to the coronavirus pandemic – kicked off in Milwaukee on Monday.

Mr Kenny said what has been rolled out online and on the air, from the convention is like the “political version of the shopping channel”.

On day three, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took her chance to tell Americans to turn up to vote in overwhelming numbers to ensure US President Donald Trump does not “sneak or steal his way to victory”.

“Remember when Clinton said people who didn’t support her were deplorables, she’s still blaming everyone else for ruining her ambitions,” Mr Kenny said.

Mr Kenny also said he hopes Democratic nominee Joe Biden, with his speech tomorrow, “moves on beyond identity politics and fear-mongering and onto some policies and an agenda”.

“The focus on identity issues, above all else, from the liberal Left media in the US really is something to behold.

“Identity, identity, identity – racists on one side, good guys on the other, this is obviously wrong and unfair, and deeply insulting to any Republican voter, so it’s disconcerting and dangerous politics”.

Image: AP

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