पायलट CM गहलोत राष्ट्रीय अध्य्क्ष : Ashok Gehlot VS Sachin Pilot : Rajasthan Politics Big Update

After the revolt of Sachin Pilot, Ashok Gehlot’s government was turning into a crisis .. and many people were even saying that now the condition of Rajasthan is going to be like Madhya Pradesh. But those people may have forgotten that it is not Kamal Nath here, but Ashok Gehlot. And people do not call him the magician of similar politics… and many even praised this work .. because Rajasthan has become the only state Who, despite coming into such a deep crisis, did not allow his government to face the problem… And due to this, now a huge change is being expected in Rajasthan… Even in political circles, there was talk Is the Congress now engaged in making Ashok Gehlot the national president… As per Amit Shah’s plans, only Ashok Gehlot has turned water… and apart from this, Gehlot’s performance during the Lok Sabha elections is still there The center is not forgotten. You must have heard a line that the smoke arises where there is a fire and Priyanka Gandhi herself has given the talk of making Ashok Gehlot the national president…
In an interview given to a private media channel in Priyanka Gandhi, if Rahul Gandhi is not ready to become the national president, then the discussions on his name are meaningless, furthering that if someone outside the Gandhi family is also a national If he is the president, then he will be their boss… Also said that if the national president says that he does not need them in Uttar Pradesh but in Andaman and Nicobar, then he will not have any problem in going to that… He is also fully prepared for that … Now everyone knows that when it has been made to make a person of Bihar out as national president, the name of Ashok Gehlot comes on top of it, because the experience leader of Ashok Gehlot is better than Congress Party I am not… and the biggest reason is that he was completely successful in saving his government and also got rid of the sweat of the opponents .. There are two more players in this list with Ashok Gehlot, one of which is Malikarjun Khadke, And the other is Ghulam Navi Azad …

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