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18 Celebrity Micro-Impressions with Alexander Ferguson | Inspired by Vanity Fair

Impressionist Alexander Ferguson (former cast member of ‘Hamilton’) does LITTLE impressions of BIG stars, including Christopher Walken tries to apologize, John Malkovich plays Severus Snape, and Jim Carrey gets stood up.

*Inspired by Vanity Fair*

Full list of impressions below:
Ian McKellen reads to children
John Oliver likes someone on Tinder
Matthew McConaughey is stopped by police
Jeff Goldblum eats hot soup
Alan Alda doesn’t like the script
Owen Wilson sees Niagara Falls
John Mulaney does standup
Vincent Price is asked to dinner
Joe Pesci delivers a eulogy
Bob Dylan sings Christmas songs
Jim Carrey gets stood up
Gilbert Gottfried admires art
Sean Connery quiets people in a movie theater
Patrick Warburton has low cell reception
Adam Sandler forgets the alphabet
John Malkovich plays Severus Snape
Christopher Walken tries to apologize
Tim Curry has an orgasm

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