Seahawks Rumors: Trade For JJ Watt & Deshaun Watson? Russell Wilson? Fire Brian Schottenhemier?

Seattle Seahawks Rumors mailbag today! After the Seahawks’ bad loss to the Rams in the NFL Playoffs, Seahawks fans are focused on the NFL Draft and NFL Free Agency and also Seahawks Trade Rumors. See today’s questions on JJ Watt, Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, Chris Carson, Pete Carroll and Brian Schottenhemier.

Seahawks Trade Rumors are here and some of them are just wild. A Russell Wilson trade? Yikes. Trading for Deshaun Watson and/or JJ Watt? Seems unlikely. And trading away key players like Bobby Wagner, Tyler Lockett (and to a lesser extent Carlos Dunlap) only make sense for a rebuilding team.

Seahawks Rumors also focus on current players and coaches futures. Will Chris Carson leave the Seahawks in Free Agency? Is it time to fire Brian Schottenhemier? How long will Pete Carroll hang around? Will Josh Gordon get to play again?

Seahawks Today Mailbag questions:
– Offensive Struggles?
– Offensive Line Additions in offseason?
– Seahawks Free Agency Targets?
– Trade Russell Wilson for Josh Allen?
– Chris Carson Free Agency?
– Fire Brian Schottenhemier?
– Seahawks Fan?
– Trade for Deshaun Watson?
– Draft a CB?
– Brian Schottenhemier Replacements?
– Trade Carlos Dunlap for JJ Watt?
– JJ Watt Trade?
– David Njoku Addition?
– Josh Gordon Future?
– Trade Russell Wilson?
– Draft A QB?
– Russell Wilson Trade for Deshaun Watson & JJ Watt?
– Trade Bobby Wagner for 1st & Player?
– Draft Trey Sermon?
– Trade Tyler Lockett & 2nd rounder for Stefon Diggs?
– GM Replacements?
– Seahawks Cap Space?
– Let KJ Wright leave?

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