Politics Is For Power…

Destiny gets a chance to speak to the author (Eitan Hersh) of ‘politics is for power’ the book that election pilled him and inspired him to canvass in both Georgia for the senate run-off and in Omaha for the mayoral race…

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Politics is for power

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0:00 – Intro/Teaser
0:15 – Election pilled Destiny & backstory (SKIP INTRO)
7:47 – People online treat politics like sports teams
10:52 – local level politics is bizarro world
13:33 – Foreign affairs vs capitalism, race, police, housing
21:08 – How do you get people to vote???
30:10 – E-celeb advice & changing culture of cancerous online politics
41:21 – There is so much political power up for grabs locally
51:06 – Citizens united and gerrymandering isn’t black and white
1:01:04 – Mail in voting empirical data

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