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Po’s Celebrity Impressions | NEW KUNG FU PANDA

Po does his best impressions of Master Mantis, Crane and Tigress, and they’re awesome every time!
Dragon Warrior and star of Kung Fu Panda, Po shares his dumplings of wisdom.

→ Credits ←
Executive Producer — Birkner Rawlings
Actor — Mick Wingert
Director — Matt Chapman
Writer — Brendan Murphy
Editors — Matt Chapman and Eli Sokhn
Coordinator — Melanie Augustyn

Dreamworks Animation
Director of Technology — Manny Francisco
Mocap Supervisor — Frank Gallego
Mocap Development Supervisor — Elvin Korkuti
Project Manager — Adnan Ghani
Mocap Engineers — Steve Andrews, Demian Gordon, Brett Lynch, Nam Nguyen, Sarah Scialli, Emanuel Williams
Final Layout Artist — Fadi Basem Kandah
Lead Animator – Roberto Smith
Animators — Michael Amos, Julien Bocabeille, Martin P. Hopkins
Character Effects Artist — Cassi Clayton
Lead Lighter — Stanley Kwong
Department TDs — Crystal Fong, Masato Ikura
Assistant Editor — Natalia Cronembold
Production Manager — John Swanson
Production Supervisor — Jason Bertsch
Production Coordinators — Jessica Bayliss, Karen Jeffers

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