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Discover the hottest, most talked about sport science academic studies in February 2021. Forget trawling online to find the latest cutting edge sport science research. We’ve included the studies spanning exercise physiology, sport psychology, biomechanics and strength & conditioning, that got YOU talking the most!

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1 – (0:21) Spiering, B.A., Mujika, I., Sharp, M.A. and Foulis, S.A., 2021. Maintaining Physical Performance: The Minimal Dose of Exercise Needed to Preserve Endurance and Strength Over Time. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

2 – (1:05) Schoenfeld, B.J., Grgic, J., Van Every, D.W. and Plotkin, D.L., 2021. Loading Recommendations for Muscle Strength, Hypertrophy, and Local Endurance: A Re-Examination of the Repetition Continuum. Sports, 9(2), p.32.

3 – (1:42) Richter, E.A., 2021. Is GLUT4 translocation the answer to exercise-stimulated muscle glucose uptake?. American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism, 320(2), pp.E240-E243.

4 – (2:26) King, E., Richter, C., Daniels, K.A., Franklyn-Miller, A., Falvey, E., Myer, G.D., Jackson, M., Moran, R. and Strike, S., 2021. Can Biomechanical Testing After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Identify Athletes at Risk for Subsequent ACL Injury to the Contralateral Uninjured Limb?. The American Journal of Sports Medicine, p.0363546520985283.

5 – (3:02) Ramos, C., Cheng, A.J., Kamandulis, S., Subocius, A., Brazaitis, M., Venckunas, T. and Chaillou, T., 2021. Carbohydrate restriction following strenuous glycogen-depleting exercise does not potentiate the acute molecular response associated with mitochondrial biogenesis in human skeletal muscle. European journal of applied physiology, pp.1-14.

6 – (3:48) King, E., Richter, C., Daniels, K.A., Franklyn-Miller, A., Falvey, E., Myer, G.D., Jackson, M., Moran, R. and Strike, S., 2020. Biomechanical but Not Strength or Performance Measures Differentiate Male Athletes Who Experience ACL Reinjury on Return to Level 1 Sports. The American Journal of Sports Medicine, p.0363546520988018.

7 – (4:30) Ferguson, R.A., Mitchell, E.A., Taylor, C.W., Bishop, D.J. and Christiansen, D., 2021. Blood‐flow‐restricted exercise: Strategies for enhancing muscle adaptation and performance in the endurance‐trained athlete. Experimental Physiology.

8 – (5:14) Harper, C., Gopalan, V. and Goh, J., 2021. Exercise rescues mitochondrial coupling in aged skeletal muscle: a comparison of different modalities in preventing sarcopenia. Journal of Translational Medicine, 19(1), pp.1-17.

9 – (5:50) Young, W., Rayner, R. and Talpey, S., 2021. It’s Time to Change Direction on Agility Research: a Call to Action. Sports Medicine-Open, 7(1), pp.1-5.

10 – (6:38) Edouard, P., Hollander, K., Navarro, L., Lacourpaille, L., Morales-Artacho, A.J., Hanon, C., Morin, J.B., Le Garrec, S., Branco, P., Junge, A. and Guilhem, G., 2021. Lower limb muscle injury location shift from posterior lower leg to hamstring muscles with increasing discipline-related running velocity in international athletics championships. Journal of science and medicine in sport.

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