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Drunk Impressions full of celebrity 42 impressions from Philip Green! Most FAIL but which of the 42 drunk celebrity impressions. Which of 42 celebrity drunk impressions do you like or think fail? Would you like more drunk impressions?

Drunk Impressions or 42 Impressions Drunk these Impressions FAIL by Philip Green Celebrity Impressions, please drink responsibly if you wish to get drunk.

Make sure you look out for a drunk gingerbread house DIY in a few weeks. I’ll link it to this drunk impression celebrity impression video when it comes out…

Why not show me your version, art or on social media?



Why are you “hating” on my favourite artist?

Remember, the meaning of “Parody” does not mean “hate” or “dislike”. It is an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect. For example: If there is a hat in the original. Making the hat ridiculously big would make it a parody! The artists and songs I decided to do parodies about is because I am a HUGE fan of them.

Why are your videos low budget compared to other parody, spoof, sketch YouTubers?

Everyone has to start somewhere, and in the long run I hope to get better at developing my parodies, sketches and impression videos. Do not compare peoples chapter 10 to my chapter 1. YouTube is a big space, there is space for everyone.

Where you on Britain’s Got Talent?

Yes, back in 2013 I was in the semi finals of Britain’s Got Talent. It was an amazing experience and enjoyed showing some of my early impressions to the British public. Without it, I wouldn’t be doing YouTube.

Who inspires you? Who are your favourite YouTubers?

I get a lot of my inspiration from brilliant shows like Saturday Night Live, French and Saunders, many comedy movies and fabulous YouTubers like Grace Helbig, Jenna Marbles and Pewdiepie.

Who is your favourite impression to do?

It often changes a lot. I started learning Lois Griffin first when I was in college, by just mucking around. However, my favourite changes from time to time. From Jennifer Aniston to Ellen, I enjoy them all.


Secret Quote Of The Week: “The hangover was so so bad! I couldn’t even get out of bed! I really like the drunk videos, what drunk videos would you like next?”

End of Description.

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