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Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick,, etc Paleyfest 2008

For Throwback Thursday I put together the best Leighton and/or Ed clips from the 2008 Gossip Girl Paleyfest event. There are some great Blake, Chace and Penn moments in it too!

I think everyone has seen the moment where Leighton says Chuck understands Blair better than anyone else but there a few other cute things I’d never noticed before:
Ed seems very shy. I was surprised by HOW shy he comes across here. Blake is the anti-Ed in that she’s hyper extroverted and bubbly. Chace is perpetually bemused by Ed, like he’s his oddball friend. lol. Josh has a running joke where he says he can’t understand Ed’s accent but it seems like a good natured joke. Ed does a terrible job selling his band The Filthy Youth but Stephanie and Leighton both try to help him out ( Leighton mentions when TFY will be playing next in NY). At the very end Josh says some interesting things about Serena and Blair as flawed characters. You can tell the whole cast gets along really well. I know most of them aren’t super close since the series ended but I bet they all have positive feelings for one another and for their time making the show. I don’t get the impression any of them is a diva or troublemaker at all. They seem pretty mellow.

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