Finish Strong In Basketball With This Beginner BOSU Ball Workout

Finish Strong In Basketball With This Beginner BOSU Ball Workout, in this video I breakdown different workouts you can do on a BOSU ball to be able to finish at the rim with contact. A BOSU ball will help build all of your stabilizing muscles and core strength so that you can have faster reaction speeds and balance to get through defences, absorb contact and score.

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Outside Basketball I use (Spalding TF-250):
Indoor Basketball I Use (Wilson Evolution):
Hex Style Dumbells Like These:
Tennis Balls:
Small Medicine Ball:
The Heavy Basketball I use in this video:
Victorem Running Resistance Band:
Victorem Ankle Bands:
Medicine Balls:
Bosu Ball:
Yoga Mats:
Plyometric Steps:

Video Equipment:
For the clipboard videos I use an ipad app called Coachbase
For The Player Film Study videos I use an ipad app called Coacheseye
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I use an iPhone for some videos:
Most videos I use a Sony A6100:
I used Quicktime on Mac to record the ipad screen when drawing on apps, I also use Final Cut on Mac to edit all videos. Get a Mac here:
I also love Airpods when editing:

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