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The following are not allowed:
• Self-Promotion (Results in Ban)
• Racism/Homophobic Language/Sexism (Results in Ban)
• Negativity & Rude Behaviour (Results in Timeout)
• Politics, Religious talk, and Drama (Results in Timeout)
• Inappropriate/sexual comments (Results in Ban)
• Sharing of personal info (Results in Timeout)
• No Spamming (Results in Timeout)
• No Wagers (Results in Timeout)
• No asking for Shoutouts (Results in Timeout)
• No asking for Moderator (Results in Timeout)
• No threatening others (Results in Ban)
• No Cyber-Bullying/Mocking (Timeout repeating may Result In a Ban)
• No swearing, we are Family Friendly (Results in Timeout)
• No impersonating (Results in Ban)
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