AverageJonas – Sports Science & Performance, Cinderella’s Prince, Special Sauce | ddk podcast #20

In today’s episode, we talk with AverageJonas!

00:00 Intro
1:10 What don’t we know about Jonas?
8:30 Crossover between Sports Science and Performance
10:40 Deadlift vs Singing Performance
17:50 Playing Cinderella’s Prince
22:20 Mental side of performance
26:26 Acting
30:20 The impact of the pandemic
41:00 Long-term goals
46:20 Tough periods around content creation
51:50 What is the future around VALORANT for AJ
55:15 Social Media
1:02:45 Dream date with Dan
1:05:40 Reading
1:08:20 AJ Special Sauce
1:10:19 Ask Dan A Question
1:21:55 Make someone’s day better
1:24:15 Closing Thoughts


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Creator & Executive Producer | Daniel “ddk” Kapadia | @ddkesports
Executive Producer | Britt “BriRivers” Rivera | @itsbririvers
Technical Producer / Director | Luke “xilv” Davis | @esportsxilv

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