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History Of AMAZO – Obliterated Entire Justice League Single-Handedly – Explored

The adaptable android Amazo is one of the most memorable antagonists to have featured in the DC universe. It is known for its ability to replicate the superpowers of any superhero or supervillain it comes in contact with via absorption cell technology.
Amazo made its debut during the Silver Age of Comic Books, first appearing in The Brave and the Bold no. 30 in June 1960. It is an artificial intelligence that becomes a formidable enemy for the Justice League and has made appearances throughout the DC-verse such as its comics, of course, the animated series for Justice League, the animated series for Young Justice, as well as in CW’s live-action Arrowverse. It is iconic in its own rights because its abilities allowed it to render the League ineffective, which is a marvelous feat.
Amazo was created by American writers Gardner Francis Cooper Fox and Mike Sekowsky. Fox has notably created and co-created several characters for the DC comics, such as Flash, Doctor Fate, Hawkman, Zatanna, the OG Sandman, and on a broader scale, the Justice Society of America which eventually became the Justice League of America. He introduced the concept of Multiverses to the DC Comics, which broadened the horizons not just for DC, but several other comic books as well. Rather, multiverses have seeped into the stories narrated in several forms of visual media, irrespective of it being animation or not.
As a character of Fox, Amazo has generally opposed the Justice League and that means he has copied the powers of DC’s best-known superheroes. His power-replication of the first Justice League has been permanent, which only makes him a lethal and formidable adversary for DC’s finest.

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