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Break the news! The editor of Justice said good things for Xiao Zhan, but it became a feat.

Celebrity News Today 247 2021/10/09 : Break the news! The editor of Justice said good things for Xiao Zhan, but it became a feat. What about the black powder slandering and discrediting Xiao Zhan? After getting to know Xiao Zhan in archaeology, I feel that Xiao Zhan is a particularly pure and transparent heart, gentle and delicate, Serious and dedicated young man. Every time I share with everyone about Xiao Zhan, Always filled with emotion. Xiao Zhan’s journey along the way was not easy. From ordinary amateurs to hot, popular and popular, In just five years, This allowed Xiao Zhan to have a dazzling aura that many celebrities would never even think of. Every dazzling halo of Xiao Zhan, It was all nurtured by Xiao Zhan’s hard work bit by bit and his own good moral culture. Xiao Zhan stepped into the performing arts and entertainment circle, suffering and struggling, I also endured grievances and pressures that ordinary people could not bear. Therefore, it is not easy for Xiao Zhan to have today’s dazzling aura. But as a justice editor who dared to speak up for Xiao Zhan, However, some people who don’t know the truth say it is to kill him. Xiao Zhan is excellent, isn’t it worthy of praise? Black powder slander, When discrediting, directing and acting by himself, and planting blame on Xiao Zhan, I didn’t see you replying confidently, running and calling to clarify the facts for Xiao Zhan! Xiao Zhan is humble and low-key, as everyone can see. But at the same time, Xiao Zhan is also a person who dares to love and hate, dare to venture and fight. Otherwise, he would not pass the talent show alone, Enter the performing arts and entertainment circles. Xiao Zhan has the spirit of a knight and the heroism of swallowing mountains and rivers. I hope those who misunderstand me inexplicably will kill Xiao Zhan, Those who recruited Xiao Zhan to be black, I sincerely hope that you will not be so Buddhist. Cowardly and incompetent. We must take the initiative to respond to Xiao Zhanwan’s face,

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