What Decides the Future US-China Relationship: Economy, Politics or, Military?

The interaction between the United States and China seems to have increased significantly recently. Biden and Xi will be meeting (online) before the end of this year. Will this virtual meeting change the US-China relationship that has fallen to a freezing point in recent years? Today we will discuss this issue a bit more. In the last episode, we can clearly see from the data that after President Trump implemented the first phase of the trade war, the United States imported more extensively and in larger quantities from countries other than China. On the contrary, China’s imports from the United States are increasing. As of March, this year, the trade deficit between the two sides has shrunk by one-third, compared to the most serious of over 400 billion US dollars in 2018. This shows the trade between the United States and China is gradually becoming more balanced. It can be expected in the future, that the influence of economic and trade relations between the two countries will be weaker than it is now. So, what will determine the direction of US-China relations in the future? From the perspective of economy and trade, politics, and military affairs, we can exclude economy and trade for now, but will it be politics?

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