How to stop politics from dividing us | Rudy van Belkom | TEDxEindhoven

Today’s society seems more divided than ever. We can’t seem to agree on the best approach to fight inequality, climate change or the coronavirus. In fact, not everyone believes that these problems exist at all. But without a shared reality, coexistence is almost impossible. In the current political system, the differences are only magnified. Because in a world where everything revolves around attention, the extremes have the greatest effect. I believe that these problems are not caused by bad people, but by bad systems. In my TEDx talk I will look for solutions. How can we stop politics from dividing us? I believe that if we organize democratic tools differently, we can come closer together. Not to completely agree, but to disagree more politely. Rudy is a social innovator at ‘Het Nieuwe Kiezen’ (The New Vote), a proposal for a modular voting system. Instead of giving your full vote to one party during the elections, you vote for each theme for the party’s position that suits you. You no longer vote for the person but the content. More freedom of choice leads to more participation and involvement. The concept was nominated for an international design award. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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