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At present, Shahbaz Sharif has taken the oath of the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Imran Khan has gone through the ministry through confidence. The future looks uncertain. The next election is not yet known and the PTI has given a long march to Islamabad for the election at the end of May. Under these uncertain circumstances, patriotic Pakistanis are suffering from severe anxiety as to where their countrymen are going and what will happen in the future.
In this video today, you will tell you that Pakistan’s leading astrologer Professor Abdul Ghani Javed has made some shocking predictions about the future of Imran Khan and other political characters of Pakistan in a TV program that seems impossible. But nothing is impossible in politics today. In this video we will explain to you about the same predictions today, but if you have not subscribed our channel, subscribe and press the bell sign so that our You can first find nine tensions for all upcoming videos.
Professor Abdul Ghani Javed said of Imran Khan that he was a friend of those who killed him, who did not loyal to him, and I have already told him in his programs many times before that Imran Khan has his friends. There is a need to be alert because the next two or three years will be the same with Imran Khan, that Imran Khan is cheating again with the people who are with him. Now Imran Khan needs to understand what he does.

Referring to Imran Khan’s birth tower, he said that it appears that Imran Khan will win significant success in June, till now he will remain in tension and pressure and this tension will be for all roles. More than tension is for General Bajwa, and there is a permanent solution to the tension to hold fresh elections.
About Prime Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif’s stars, he said that he had the same tension as Imran Khan. For Imran Khan, he said that there are some arms that are lost and won, so you are winning. Their stars tell them as they win in the same defeat and that is why they will re -attract people.
About former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, he predicted that he was confused by the stars, what is happening, so he is so surprised that he does not understand what to do. – They should consult their close relatives before doing anything and then take any steps. Their stars see the confrontation again, but this time they will not be harmed by the confrontation and if anyone comes to confrontation with them, Nawaz Sharif will benefit the opposite.
Responding to a question about Nawaz Sharif’s coming to Pakistan, he said that he could have a chance to come to Pakistan in May or September. But right now, their stars are not coming to Pakistan immediately.
Responding to a question regarding Maryam Nawaz, she said that it seems that she will disagree with her father in May.

Responding to a question about Zardari, he said, “I have said many times before that the only politician in Pakistan is Asif Zardari but people object that the rest of the politicians are also, but the burden of politics Asif Zardari.” I am, he is not in anyone else.
About Bilawal, he said that he is a child and emotional right now and has no comparison with his father yet. Because Zardari has done extreme mature politics in the last few months and now he is associated with the PML -N. Don’t know what the PML -N will be. But Zardari needs a lot of caution in terms of health.

The purpose of our videos is to provide you with up to date and accurate knowledge. We make all these video with a positive mind and try our best to be as specific and accurate as possible. If there is any problem, issue or any ambiguity with the date of knowledge provided in the video, we apologize our audience, viewers and subscribers.

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