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Matchbox 20: The Story of Yourself or Someone Like You’s Front Cover & The Controversy

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Matchbox 20: The story of Yourself or Someone like you and the controversy and lawsuit behind the album cover.

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When I Think of popular albums from the mid to late 90’s Matchbox 20’s Yourself or Someone like you always comes to my mind. Not just was the album a massive success, but it was also one of the most iconic covers from that era for me as well. But what’s the whole story with the guy on the cover and who is he? Stay tuned for the full story. .

Yourself or Someone like you would be Matchbox 20’s debut album and would come out in 1996. The album produced a string of hits including 3AM, Push and Real World and would sell over 12 million copies. When it came time to choose the album artwork, Rob Thomas would tell radio station Triple M play clip. Rob Thomas would tell Australia’s Triple M. They took a bunch of pictures for the first album he was in the background a blurry figure and the photographer took a few test shots and took a shot of the guy and the band members loved the photos.

But the band’s label hated the album cover and tried to get the band to reconsider.. Thomas would tell Triple M that the band was fortunate to have a good manager who went to bat for them and convinced the label to put the man’s face on the album cover.

Frontman Rob Thomas would tell Triple MMM in 2020 14 years after the lawsuit was filed. how the band made up different fictitious stories about who the guy on the cover was and each time they’d do a radio interview they’d change the story of who he was making up elaborate lies. Eventually the band settled on one story claiming the guy was named Ray Parker Jr (the same name as the guy who wrote the ghostbusters theme) and how he was working on a set with the band with kraft services and was homeless as well.

So who was the guy on the album cover? Well nearly 9 years after the album came out the guy on the cover filed a lawsuit against the band. He’s not one to get pushed around. Nice pun, right? The man on the cover was named FRANK TORRES whose basis for his lawsuit was that the band used his image without permission on the record. He claimed a photographer took his photo while he was walking down the street one day. In legal papers that were obtained by us show celebrity justice torres lawsuit would claim that Matchbox 20 and i quote
“knowingly, intentionally and maliciously” caused him “emotional distress.” The lawsuit was filed in 2005, nine years after the album came out

Torres lawsuit appeared to fall on deaf years. THomas would claim in the interview with Triple M that at the end of the day Torres got nothing for appearing on the album cover and how he sued the band after it hit 12 million in sales. So it seemed like the lawsuit went nowhere. Throughout this whole story though it’s not clear whether Torres ever signed a release for his image to be used. So whatever happened to Torres? Well he would sadly pass away due to heart failure in 2016 at the age of 73.

Despite the album’s success they were met with other legal problems. MTV would report that a year after the album came out that former bandmates of the members of Matchbox 20 who played with them in a band called Tabitha’s Secret claimed some of their songs found their way to matchbox 20’s debut record without being fairly credited or being included on royalties.

On top of that women’s rights groups criticized the band over the song Push, which they claimed was misogynistic, but frontman Rob Thomas would claim the song was written with the man being the victim of abuse not a woman telling the morning call newspaper in 1998 o, it’s not about that.’ I mean, just meet us. We’re not the manliest of men all the time. I’m a short guy. I don’t think I could kick anyone’s (butt).”[4]

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