In Defense Of Kanye West’s TMZ Interview

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Kanye West is known for his bold claims, there was a point where he’d continuously get hate. People rarely tried to understand what he fully meant and what he is trying to say. Since time passed, I hope everyone is detached from their previous opinions and can give him another chance.

I didn’t represent Van right in this. Him saying he’s a real person (implying Kanye isn’t) rubbed me the wrong way. Rewatching it, he was more reasonable than I gave him credit for. Most people’s passion for this topic would make them insult Kanye, losing objective

In this video, I will be reacting to Kanye West’s “slavery is a choice” explanation. I touch on social media limiting what you can say, how to best win an argument, white on black crime vs black on black crime, how your life was made specifically for you, to not live under a victim complex, how black people & women reversed the tradition to them hating on white people & men, how our different life experiences held us learn from each other, and more!

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