Inside Texas Politics: Austin launches a guaranteed income program. Will it work?

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Austin is launching a guaranteed income program, giving taxpayer money to private individuals. The goal is to reduce homelessness. But is this legal? Austin is the first city in the state with it. The government writes you a check each month to spend on whatever you want. This is not welfare. But in Austin, it is meant to get people off the streets.

Property owners are fretting over high taxes this year. What can be done about it?

Monday, May 16, marks two weeks since a draft opinion was leaked from the Supreme Court showing Roe v. Wade will likely be overturned. Politically this is an issue Republicans cannot wait to deliver on. In reality, like everything else, this is complicated.

Governor Greg Abbott is the first Texas governor to support school vouchers. For the first time, Governor Greg Abbott is leading a push for school choice. That issue has always divided city and rural Republicans — is it a rallying point now?

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