Politicians Who Treated Their Significant Others Like Trash

Who’s sexting on the side? Banking blowies in the Oval Office? Knocking up the mistress? And who stuck around for this mess? God bless America, these politicians treated their S.O.’s like trash. Stay tuned to find out who’s who!

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Bill Clinton | 0:00
Anthony Weiner | 1:38
Eliot Spitzer | 2:49
John Edwards | 3:48
Arnold Schwarzenegger | 5:05
John F. Kennedy | 6:13
Donald Trump | 7:03
Rudy Giuliani | 8:01
Franklin D. Roosevelt | 8:51
Amy Koch | 9:39
Newt Gingrich | 10:28
Mark Sanford | 11:32
Lyndon B. Johnson | 12:31
Bob Packwood | 13:17
Aaron Coleman | 14:05
Sean Parnell | 15:21

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