The Future of Code Politics: Performance: You You You by NEVE ZiqueBeast (Neve Mazique-Bianco)

How does technology embody our romantic desires? How do we love one another from afar? What are we touching when we’re not touching each other? Could we learn to make our digital experiences sensuous, tactile? Of course we can. Romance is not just for lovers anymore. Not when we must live each day on earth like it’s our last. Time is too precious not to take it, the dangers to life are too close not to savor the risk that is loving while alive. Framed through a disability justice framework and resististing heterosexual technological assumptions, this performance is saturated with disabled desires to express care—spanning distance, time, bodies, species, mediums, and relationships. Combining sound, movement, storytelling, and dynamic intimate recordings, YOU YOU YOU is a new terpsichorean prayer at the altar of access intimacy as the goddess of love. With unflinching romance and visceral joy, this work challenges the idea that any bodymind could ever be a burden or a plague, and shows how digital technologies are sensual tools for relationality, solidarity, connection, and cyborgian romance. Small methods of access and care and big distances of love and interdependence produce queer disabled (and Black, Indigenous, trans, sex worker, survivor) kinship like no other. We call this medicine. It saves our world.

Curation: Gracen Brilmyer

The complete program of the conference:

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