🦅🐉💥Political Future of the Western World 🔮Tarot Reading – The west plays russian roulette 🦅🐉💥

Let me start of by saying that this is a political neutral reading and channel. We do not take political sides. All readings/messages in readings are alleged until proven fact. This is the case for all my readings and the position of this channel

🦅🐉💥Political Future of the Western World 🔮Tarot Reading – The west plays russian roulette 🦅🐉💥

💥Introduction – 0:01 (this provides an important context for this reading so plz listen)
Future of the USA
🦅USA & Biden – the start of the America divide and …..decline – 5:50
🦅America in a false sense of security/Age of Austerity – 10:00
🦅Propaganda machine backfires!! – 12:30
🦅Will Biden run for 2024 – 15:00
🦅Biden’s replacement for 2024?! Is this Hilary’s energy?!😮 – 15:45
Russia, Ukraine and Russia
💥USA, Russia, Ukraine and nuclear fallout – 23:15
💥A peace offer to end the war between Russia & Ukraine – 23:55
💥Reason Russia invaded Ukraine….deal between Russia and USA gone wrong – 24:45
💥Putin did not want to go war but felt compelled to?!😮 – 25:45
💥Russia, America, Ukraine negotiations gone wrong?! 😮- 27:00
💥How can both Russia and Ukraine both claim victory, we’re on the brink – 29:00
💥Ukraine to be betrayed by the West 😒- 31:00
United Kingdom and Lizz Truss
😒Lizz Truss (UK Prime Minister) characteristics, inner state and her ability to get things done 😒 – 33:55
😒Mini budget too little too late and planting stories in the media – 36:27
😒Lizz Truss political future as Prime Minister – 37:30
😒Conservative party and UK government infighting – 35:15
😒UK social, political and economic upheaval to get worse – 40:33
😒Call for early elections due to civil unrest?! 😱 – 42:00
😒Lizz Truss had an affair with the chancellor?!? WHAT!!! – 43:30
🐉China are preparing for a move that would take the world by surprise – 47:00
🐉China taking control of the money, financial markets – 48:00
🐉China on a trajectory to take over the world and the West don’t know how to stop it/Next 5 years – 49:28
🐉Western politicians distracting us from China’s progression – 51:00 / 52:59
🐉Trump was right on his views regarding China – 51:51
🐉China and the West’s media propaganda machine – 55:30
North Korea, South Korea,
🌅 An “Austin Powers” style confederation of evil dictators exists?! – 58:08
🌅 A transition from western ideology – 59:00
🌅 Countries now working together to overtake the West – 1:01:03
🌅North Korea wants to be part of the “dictatorship in-crowd” & reason for their missile testing –
🏅A broken promise made to Taiwan that can potential start a world conflict – 1:05:26

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