㊙️VIPER KUEN JKD (COLLECTION HANDS) #sports #science #espn #boxing #brucelee #wingchun #jkd #shorts

㊙️VIPER KUEN JKD (COLLECTION HANDS) “The speed of your actions and how many you’re using will have everything to do with wether or not an interception goes off without a hitch. We refer to this as “PATTY CAKE” in WING-CHUN circles. If you’re using and training in ONE HIT striking. 2 hit combos. 3 hit finishes. You may need more actions. The simple fact that crashes happen, actions get destroyed, purposefully sometimes, and on accident. But generally speaking, a lot of TAN and BONG and QUAN hands are met with GRABBING THE CLOTHES. For this reason, we always collect ELBOW IN. A bladed hand at center. This pattern uses a BACK FIST, a PUNCH, a FRONT PALM SLAP (elbow out) I’ll explain. And a WHISKING HAND. A simple back hander. These are all trained into my collection speed training because we wanna be able to drum up n draw up these shapes without thinking about it. Chasing hands is dangerous. ⚠️SELF DEFENSE STARTS IN THE MIND. “Never assume you’re the clear victor. Rather, it’s better to assume we might be in over our heads just to stay on your toes, so to speak. Being very efficient, accurate, fast, and simple is way better than complicated, or cumbersome. (DIRECTIONS) 1. FRONT HAND PALM 2. BACK HAND PUNCH 3. FRONT HAND GUA CHOY OR WHISKING HAND. 4. CROSS PUNCH. 1-2-3-4 quickly shuffling from one to another ELBOWS IN TIGHT EXCEPT ON THE GUA CHOY or WHISKING HAND (we want them to see it, it’s a set up action.” SON-TSI

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