Kamala Harris is an ‘identity politics ideologue’

Former professor and YouTube creator Janice Fiamengo says left-wing activists are trying to shut down debate by claiming any criticism of Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris is based on “sexism and racism”.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has selected Senator Harris as his running mate in the upcoming US election.

She becomes the first black woman on a major presidential ticket in US history.

Professor Fiamengo told Sky News the fact it is so difficult to raise criticism of Senator Harris’ record shows the “double standards” surrounding political discourse.

“Kamala Harris is an example of all the ways of the extraordinary double standards of our public conversation about women and men in politics,” she said.

“The moment one tries to have an honest conversation, they are immediately called a misogynist, or in this case, because Kamala Harris is a woman of colour…that one is called a misogynist, and a racist.

“She is an interesting case sin that she is an identity politics ideologue.”

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