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Justice League Unlimited Theme | Reimagined

This is a reimagining of the Justice League Unimited Theme created for a Fan-Made collaboration project by Ultrasagent & Dr Flashpoint. The requirement was to create an Epic/Modern version of the beloved theme. so i took some liberty on adding a few variations and changing the vibe but at the same time keeping it closer to the original. i hope you enjoy this version of the theme! Please leave a like or comment!

Composed and arranged by : Hirushan Maddumaarachchi

Original Theme composed by : Michael McCuistion

Original Video :Crisis On Infinite Earths: Unlimited Edition Ep 2 – Supermen (Fan Made)

Special thanks to Ultrasagent & Dr Flashpoint for having me create this track!

Ultrasagent :
Dr Flashpoint :

*All logos,thematic material, Footage shown in this video belong to their respective owners*

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