Transhumanism 2024 – A new future for politics?

Politicians have a lot on their minds. We live in hectic times. But are mainstream politicians failing to pay sufficient attention to the most important opportunities and risks, namely, the radical transformation of many aspects of human life and work that will be triggered by fast-changing technology?

That’s the view of Transhumanist UK, an organisation which is at the early stages of preparing a campaign entitled “Transhumanism 2024”. The idea is to field a number of candidates in mayoral elections across the UK that year. The intended results will be:
*) To raise understanding of oncoming technological possibilities and threats;
*) To reorient the national discussion of political issues;
*) To improve the public understanding of transhumanism.

Transhumanist UK argues it is vital to anticipate potential social disruptions ahead of time, and to accelerate actions to increase the likelihood of beneficial outcomes. Hence the proposed campaign motto: “Steering technology for profound social progress”.

This event featured a scene-setting presentation from David Wood, Transhumanist UK co-founder. An initial response was given by Tony Czarnecki, Managing Partner at Sustensis. The floor was then opened for audience responses regarding policies, tactics, goals, etc.

Apologies for the occasionally poor quality of the audio at various points during this recording.

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